【LMAX】每日外汇市场评论 26.09.2016


·EUR: From the opening around the 1.1230 areas the market moved steadily higher through the first few hours pushing through to the 1.1240 areas into Tokyo before the market started a steady drift through the day back to the opening levels. Topside offers into the 1.1240 areas are likely to continue through to the 1.1260 level, with light congestion likely to follow that on a move to the stronger 1.1300 areas a push beyond the 1.1360 areas is likely to see weak stops appearing and the market opening up a little once the 1.1400 area is taken out. Downside bids are light through the 1.1200 areas and light stops through the 1.1180 with stronger bids appear into the 1.1120 level, with congestion through to that level.

·GBP: Cable moved up from the opening levels around the 1.2970 areas and has remained around the 1.2980 level through to the London session with little flow in the pair. Continual news reminiscent of kids shaking a tree to get conkers to fall out however, conker trees don’t have governments holding onto the trees secrets but still the scaremongering continues, and the market continues to be affected by the lack of news from the media, Topside offers likely to be light through the 1.3000 areas with the market likely to see stronger offers on a move approaching the 1.3080 however, that is likely to be relative as there is not much in the way of a return to the 1.3200 levels. Downside bids through to the 1.2900 levels with possibly decent bids, further bids are likely on any move lower down through the 1.2900 and into the 1.2850 levels with more bids likely to appear on any dips and little data on the day, spinning media is likely to drive the market.

·JPY: USDJPY remains in a tight range with the opening around the 101 areas quickly pushing lower into the Tokyo session, the selling over saw the market bounce off the level however, it was shallow and the market had a steady rise higher to test back to the highs. Topside offers light through the 101.20 areas with the possibility of weak stops likely through the level and the market opening to the congested 101.50-60 areas and then stronger offers on the approach to the 102.00 levels. Downside bids into the 100.00 areas are likely to be reasonably strong for the moment with the market likely to grow in strength on any dip under the level and into the 99.50 areas, at that level the movement through the level is likely to be key to either further selling or verbal intervention appearing in the market with the market facing the congestion areas formed in 2013.

·AUD: As with the USDJPY the Oz has seen little movement and generally remained around the 0.7620 areas and unable to push cleanly through the topside 0.7630 areas or test beyond the 0.7610 with any meaning. Topside offers into the 77 cent levels are likely to be a little weak however; any move through the level is likely to see stronger offers moving into the 0.7740 level and onwards, a push through the 0.7780 level will see light stops appearing and possibly a test through 78 cents with strong offers likely to appear, Downside bids light until a move through the 0.7500 levels with stronger bids then likely to appear, any push through the level will initially see a two way battle with strong stops likely on a move down through the 0.7470 levels and the market then opening a little.


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