【LMAX】每日外汇市场评论 13.09.2016


·EUR: Early buying into the Tokyo session made the highs just above the 1.1240 areas, before ranging through the session between the 1.1225-35 levels to the London session in a very quiet session for Asia, Decent run of numbers for the day however, only the CPI is the major number with maybe the budget statement in the US to watch for, Topside offers through the 1.1280 levels likely to slow any rally through to the 1.1300 levels with congestion building onwards and no clear headway without some fundamental changes, Downside bids into the 1.1200 areas with the bids possibly around the 1.1220 levels, a move through the 1.1180 levels would normally see weak stops however with strong bids into the 1.1160 areas the likelihood would suggest stops well below that area with weak bids likely through the 1.1100 areas.


·GBP: A light reversal of fortunes on the move into the Tokyo session testing to the 1.3320 levels before recovering back to the opening area just below 1.3340, topside offers sees light offers through the 1.3350 level before opening for a further test through the 1.3400 area with offers likely to extend through the level and into the 1.3450 areas and the recent highs, with inflationary data amassed for the day either side of the market could see good movement with anything out of line, Downside bids limited into the 1.3300 levels and the market through that level sees better and deep bids likely through to the 1.3250 areas with weak stops a possibility through the level with limited bids into 1.3200 and 1.3150 levels likely from then on.


·JPY: USDJPY had more of a range than the other markets with the market opening around the 101.90 areas and dropping back into the Tokyo session to test through the 101.50 levels as before the market started to see some decent buying moving in and taking the market steadily back to test through the 102.00 levels. Topside offers light through to the 102.80 areas where the market starts to see stronger offers, a push through the 103.00 levels will likely see stronger offers appearing once the market moves into the 103.40-60 areas. Downside bids light until the 101.50 areas and then some stronger bids starting to appear with the 101.10 areas becoming particularly strong with stops likely through the 100.80 areas and then likely to be importer bids all the way down from there.


·AUD: A very quiet session for the Oz opening around the 0.7560 levels and then drifting slowly to the 0.7540 area and holding around that level through to the London session, Downside bids into the 75 cent levels with weak stops likely through the 0.7480-90 areas and the market opening to weaker bids into the 0.7450 areas. Topside offers through the 76 cent level with weak stops likely but stronger offers immediately kicking into the 0.7650 areas.



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