【LMAX】每日外汇市场评论 05.09.2016


·EUR: US Labour day bank holiday today leaves the market a little thin on the ground and the ranges likely to be tight, opening around the 1.1160 levels the market slowly rose through the session testing into the mid 1.1170’s before moving into the London session quietly, Topside offers likely to be light through the 1.1200 areas with the market likely to see stronger offers moving in around the 1.1250 areas and through to the 1.1260 level, a push here will likely see some light stops however, stronger offers are likely to appear on a move to the 1.1280 levels and beyond. Downside bids into the 1.1150 areas have been tested repeatedly and this level is likely to be weakening with the market seeing stronger bids into the 1.1100 areas with congestive bids below that level and light stops likely to be absorbed by further bids into the 1.1060 levels all the way through to the 1.1000 stronger bids.

·GBP: Opening slightly higher and closed the gap on the charts touching into the 1.3290 levels before rising steadily higher through the 1.3300 levels towards the 1.3330 areas before running into the London session, Topside offers into the 1.3350 areas with a congestive offers dominating the topside through to the 1.3400 levels and likely stronger offers appearing from then until the 1.3450 areas with possibility of strong stops appearing above that level, Downside bids light through to the 1.3200 levels with possibility of stronger stops appearing around the area, a push through will likely see a mixed bag of bids and stops into the 1.3150 level and possibly forming a base for the pair.

·JPY: The market drifted from the start of the session testing a few times above the 104.10 areas but never looking convincing and drifting lower once the Tokyo session opened drifting down through to the 103.50 before holding into the London session, Topside offers through the 104.00 level and likely to continue through to the 104.30 levels before any weakness appears, a move through to the 104.50 areas will likely open the market for a test through congestive offers to the 105.00 levels with stronger offers then protecting the next big figure. Downside bids limited with the 103.00 levels likely to be weak and a break through the 102.80 areas likely to trigger weak stops on a move back to the 102.00 level.

·AUD: A weaker USD overall saw the Oz move off the 0.7560 lows and trade steadily hight to push again the 76 cent level again, and hold into the London session, Topside offers likely to appear above the 0.7620 areas and again around the 0.7640 levels however, a break through the level will likely see the market opening to the 77 cent and just beyond before stronger offers appear towards the mid 77 cent. Downside bids through the 0.7560-40 areas likely to be supportive for the day however, the stronger bids are likely to still be around the 75 cent level for the moment with weak stops on a drop through the 0.7480 areas.


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