【LMAX】每日外汇市场评论 01.09.2016


·EUR: While volumes were reasonable over the session the Euro was contained in a very quiet 1.1155-65 areas for the most part topping just above that high before dipping slowly through the 1.1155 level as the market moved to the London session. Topside offers through the 1.1200 areas likely to be light and stronger offers likely to be building above the 1.1240 areas with stronger offers likely to continue the higher you go into the 1.1300 areas. Downside bids into the 1.1120 however, a push through the level would possibly see a deeper move from the technical traders and the market testing towards the 1.1050 levels and better congestive bids making an appearance with those bids lightening as you move lower before stronger bids appear into the sentimental 1.1000 areas.


·GBP: Cable ranged tightly through the session drifting from the opening 1.3140 levels to the 1.3130 levels before testing to the 1.3150 areas and holding around that level into the London session. Topside offers in the current areas with light offers behind the 1.3160 area, a move back to the 1.3200 levels could possibly see stronger offers with very little in the way of stops possibly until through the 1.3250 levels. Downside bids into the 1.3100 area likely to be reasonable with congestion from the last few weeks building in the areas as the market sees little direct impact from the Brexit vote and the general consensus of its not happening yet so keep calm and carry on, a push through the level could see a little stop selling moving in but generally bids continuing through to the 1.3050 and 1.3000 levels likely to slow any dips.


·JPY: Less interest in the USDJPY today with the early session falling back from the 103.50 areas to test to the 103.50 areas into early Tokyo before trading steadily to the 103.30 in a lacklustre session for the pair, Topside offers remain around the 103.50 levels and a strong push through would see limited offers into the 104.00 and the chance of a stronger move through to the 105-106 levels in time. Downside bids into the 102.20 levels are likely to and those bids likely to extend through to the 101.80 areas before weak stops appear and the market dipping to the 101.00 areas quickly before stronger bids appear again.


·AUD: The strength of JPY translated into a stronger AUDJPY with the market moving off the 0.7520 opening areas to test towards the 0.7550 areas through the early part of the session, this was tempered by weaker retail sales however, the market having moved higher held around the 0.7535-45 areas to the London opening. Topside offers into the 0.7560 levels are likely to be weak but offers likely to continue through to the 0.7580 in a similar fashion before the 76 cent level become vulnerable and the limited chance of a little squeeze through the level with stops appearing. Downside bids into the 75 cent level have broadly held over the past couple of days and those bids have probably been replenished by day traders through the previous session, weak stops are likely on a move through the 0.7480 levels and the market then opens through to the 0.7350 areas with only weak bids likely to be holding the 74 cent levels.



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