【LMAX】每日外汇市场评论 31.08.2016



·EUR: A slow rise through the session from below the 1.1145 levels drifting initially to the 1.1130’s before starting a steady push to the 1.1160 level in quiet trading for the pair and holding the levels through to the London open, Topside offers light through the 1.1180 areas and likely still building around the 1.1200 level and likely to be only slightly better offered through the level, a test through the level is likely to see some weak stops however, these are likely to be absorbed by some further congestive offers through to the 1.1250 areas. Downside bids likely to be strong into the 1.1100 areas with any weakness below the level quickly soaked up by congestive bids into the 1.1060 levels and below with 1.1020 area possibly seeing stronger bids and likely to continue through the 1.1000 areas.


·GBP: As with yesterday the market tested higher over the session but struggled on the approach to the 1.3120 areas again, early traders in the Tokyo session saw the market testing the 1.3060 levels to set the early ranges too match yesterday’s levels before moving higher, for the moment 1.3120 is a light offering area and a push through the level is likely to see weak stops appearing and the market testing through to the 1.3150 levels before finding further offers appearing, from there though would still see stronger congestive offers from the 1.3200 levels and likely to continue through to the 1.3250 level. Downside bids light through to the 1.3050 levels where the congestive bids are likely to increase, for the moment GBP could benefit from the differences between the US and Europe however, this still remains to be seen with the Brexit decision always remaining in the background. A push through the 1.3000 levels is possibly not so difficult however one would suspect that the downside could see further bids in the area, with some pessimistic types point out chart points of significance however, those indications would change the meaning of the term sterling and not likely for me.


·JPY: Reasonably quiet through the session with some buying in the early part of the Tokyo session moving the market off the opening levels around the 103.00 levels to test slightly through the 103.20 levels before dropping back to trade around the opening levels for the rest of the session and into London, Topside offers into the 103.50 levels with possible stops through the level and 104.00 becoming vulnerable with possible stronger offers before opening up a stronger move through to 105-106. Downside bids light through the downside with limited bids into 102. And the market then congested through to 101.00.


·AUD: Light buying off the opening 0.7510 areas and the market not really making much of an effort at all testing to the 0.7530 areas and holding a tight range through to the London session between the 0.7520-30’s, Topside offers light through to the 0.7580 areas and even there not likely to be very heavy and only thickening around the 76 cent levels. Downside bids into and through the 75 cent levels will possibly give way to stops around the 0.7480 areas and the market struggling in congestive bids before the range below 74 cents becomes vulnerable.



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